scot bootI like it when a company has what they do right in their name.  RenBoots is one such merchant.  They sell boots, specifically they sell boots that are used and worn and Ren Faires.  Now, they do branch out a little but they are smart.  I don’t have to wonder what they are selling, they are selling boots and when I discover that they also sell other leather items and hats… well my friends, I am sold and you will be too when you see what all they have to offer.

Let’s start with the boots, I will admit that the first time I went to their site it was looking for pirate boots.  But what keeps me going back to their site is that they have a great selection and it is easy to find what you are looking for. Their site is divided up by style of boot and time period so if you are looking for pirate boots, the way that I was, then you simply click on pirate boots.  Looking for something from the Highlands, click on Scottish.  Once you have drilled down, get ready to drool. You gotta love RenBoots for making it easy.

I am currently in love with the Barbossa style.  Look at these boots!  Brown distressed leather.  The sole is a Vibram sole, so you get the period look that you are going for with a modern sole for cushion and comfort.  And they have left the seam open on the back to be closed with laces so that they look good and will fit perfectly.  Plus, look at the cuff!  You have to look to get THAT cuff.  I searched for ever to get this size cuff – didn’t find it and settled for cheap boots that do the trick but they are not these.

Besides the boots they have lots of other leather products.  From baldrics to holsters to gloves, they have a little of it all on the site.  Again, the pirate in me loves the fact that I can get a baldric that is designed to hold the flintlocks that I carry.  In fact you can get a baldric that will carry up to 3 flintlocks at one time.  Are you in the mood to browse for gloves and hats, they have categories for this as well.  And as always don’t forget to look at the accessories.  You will miss out if you don’t click on the accessories.  Mug and watch straps, frogs and backdraws for daggers and swords are under this heading on their site.

So, if you are in the mood to look for some lovely leather merchandise, this is one of the places to start your search. Boots, baldrics, gloves, hats and much, much more await you from one of the premier online retailers of Renaissance Fair footwear.