A new word for you today my dearies:  Rennie.  I love this word.  I refer to myself as a Rennie.  I refer to others that I know as Rennie and I now have people in my life that want to become Rennies.  So here is the question is Rennie a condition or is Rennie what you are?

I would say that it is both.  I am a Rennie and I have a case of the Rennies.

I am a Rennie.  I am a person that loves Renaissance Fairs.  I love the people, I love the food, I love the shows and I love the shopping.  I am a Rennie.

rfvIf it were permitted I would wear the garb all the time.  It is comfortable and except for the sword, much easier to get around in that the clothes that I wear the rest of the time.  Plus, if I went to my day jb as a pirate it would change the tenor of the meetings I am in considerably. I am a Rennie.

I also have a bad case of the Rennies.  I think about fairs and write about fairs.  When I attend fairs I do so with a camera stuck my face the whole day so that I can capture every moment.  I have the Rennies.

Here is a list to help you decide whether you have the Rennies or not:

  • Do you have more money in ‘garb’ then you do in regular clothes?
  • Do you sing along with the shows that you watch like Hey Nunnie Nunnie or the Washing Well Wenches?
  • Can you name all of the Tortugas?
  • Do you know how to reply to Ded Bob when he says “Hey Audience?!”

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, you are  Rennie and I would postulate that you have the Rennies as well.  There is no cure!  But there is a treatment.  Find all the fairs that are close enough for you to attend.  Go watch shows.  Go shop.  Visit the merchants.  Buy garb (and accessorize, people).  Wear your Rennie badge with pride!

Rennies Never Say Die!