RESCU Foundation

Renaissance Entertainers Services and Crafters United

The more I Learn about the Renaissance Festival community the more and more impressed I am and the more that I love it.  For instance take the RESCU Foundation. Here is the synopsis of their goal from their own website:

The RESCU Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to promote and maintain the health and medical well-being of the participants of Renaissance Faires, historical performances and other artistic events through financial assistance, advocacy, education and preventative programs.

RESCUWhen I first read about them, I was floored.  Such a brilliant idea.  Most of the people that work at these types of events, whether they are entertainers, merchants or service providers are self employed.  Thus medical misadventures and even everyday medical needs can be a huge hardship.  RESCU helps these wonderful people through those hard times.  Each year they are helping more then 100 families with their medical needs, they are expanding each year and they always need our help.

RESCU has been around since 2004 as a nonprofit organization.  They have the structure that the US government requires to get their 501(c)3 status and this allows them to except monies and allow all those donations to go to the main goal, helping Rennies maintain their medical well-being and working as advocates for those people in other areas of life as well.  I can’t explain their goals as well as they do, so here again are the goals pronounced on their own website:

  • To create a unified, caring community that can rally and support each individual in times of health and illness.
  • To offer support and training through our growing Advocacy Program.
  • To educate the community about current health issues by providing training, workshops and classes like first aid and CPR.
  • To establish a doctors network and RN program to help alleviate the burden of medical care on the road.
RESCU Programs:
  • Advocacy – Negotiating on the behalf of those in need to bring astronomical medicals bills into the range where they are actually realistic.
  • Counseling – Provides a PHD Counselor to help those individuals who are suffering from the emotional distress of medical trauma, whether they are the patient or the loved-ones.
  • Disbursement – This is the most direct form of help.  Disbursement of funds to help those in need.
  • First Aid / CPR – American Heart Association training in First Aid and CPR.  First response training, education first.
  • Joy – This program is the most fun.  Teaching children about the joy of helping and charitable giving.
As I write this I am kind of overwhelmed by the stories and testimonials on the website.  The good that they do for the community, the fact that the community saw a need and found a way to meet that need themselves and the fact that they are a growing charitable organization makes me feel warm inside.
Please, go to their website and spend some time looking at what these wonderful people do.  Then click on their donate button and give.  The people you help have given of their time over and over to entertain you and provide you with quality products at your local Renaissance Faire.  They have been the service providers that make sure the faires run as smoothly as they do.  This is your chance to give back.  This is your chance to help those that you meet at the faire.  This is your chance to give, attend a RESCU event, find a way to get involved!

RESCU Foundation
2206 N Main St #223
Wheaton, IL