Lord of the Rings

Return of the King

And finally, the last chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy:  The Return of the King!  I think this is by far the best paced of the three movies.  This one reaches true action movie pacing and keeps movie like a roller coaster on and on til the end.  That being said, this has some of the same problems that the other two have.  Let’s cut down too it and get to the reviewing.

Plot Synopsis (There Be Spoilers):

Return of the King is the culmination of three movies, of the story of the destruction of the One Ring.  This is also the story of the triumph of a people.  The hobbits in the story find their courage and their place among men.  A king that though he would never sit on a throne, takes up that mantle and moves from ranger to royalty.  Evil is vanquished both in the form of a man and in the form of a band of gold.  All of the remaining companions are reunited and they all look toward the future.

The Good

Billy Boyd – Pippin – This is an all hobbit goo section this week.  The hobbits become the true heroes.  Perry of course is the one that goes to Mirias Tirith to protect that famed city.  For a hobbit it is an unusual tactic to take.  At one pint in the battle he lives the relative safety of the keep to tell of the king about to barbecue his son in the middle of the battle.  During this same battle the hobbit saves Gandalf’s life.  Finally the hobbits are coming into their own.  Of course, it has been the hobbits, on their own for most of the movie that have had the hardest row to hoe.

He asked me my name. I didn’t answer. He hurt me.

Dominic Monaghan – Merry – Merry rides with Rohan as Perry goes to Mirias Tirith.  Riding into battle he takes on warriors twice his size and truly proves that he is a man instead of just a halfling.  Even with fear etched on his face he stands and fights and comes out the other side.

I know you’ve run out. You smoke too much, Pip.

Sean Astin – Sam – Sam is my favorite and I have held him over for the last movie.  He sees Gollum for what he is.  He follows Frodo even after being told to leave and of course at the end, carrying Frodo, gets the fallen hobbit and the One Ring to its final destiny.  The point at which Sam charges up the stairs in Mount Doom to fight for his friend is one of the best parts of any of the three movies.  No longer armed with a frying pan, he is wielding a sword and is a true hero.

I don’t think there will be a return journey, Mr. Frodo.

The Final Charge at Mordor – When Aragon rallies the troops and charge, alone toward the gates of Mordor, he is followed at first by Merry and Pippin.  They are immediately off the line and follow Aragon to what I am sure they thought was imminent death.  No hesitation, no thought for themselves.  No time for a quick goodbye, they are off and running.  I will admit that I get a little chocked up each time I see that part of the movie.

The Bad

Elijah Wood – Frodo – Again, just like in Two Towers, Wood is completely over the top.  He has no where to go.  I blame this on Jackson and not on Wood.  When you are directing you have to figure out where that top point is so that when you ask for more the actor has a place to go.  Wood just comes across as exhausted or maybe on the edge of alcohol poisoning.

The Ugly

Peter Jackson – He is the ugly actually in all of these movies.  I will say that he is a good producer, he is good at getting a cast and crew to follow him and express his dream but what did he really do.  He had amazing actors, he had New Zealand as his backdrop and he had Tolkien writing his script.  I don’t think he deserves the accolades that he has gotten.  I don’t think he can make a short movie that is easy to digest.  The very fact that he is cutting the Hobbit into three parts just proves my point.  I am not saying that The Hobbit is not going to rock, because I am sure that it will but… tooooo freakin’ long.

You have seen them.  You have watched them countless times.  Pop all three of them in.  Watch them back to back, get some Red Bull – you will need it.  And if you ever see Pete Jackson kick him in the nuts for me.  Tell him to take his three hour movie and make it two.  There is a reason why some material stays on the cutting room floor.