The Ring Belt!

Though it is hard to use it is a staple

Along with yesterdays article on the sash, the ring belt is a Ren Faire staple.  You will see the ring belt used with costumes from the ever present Robin Hood to the musketeer and beyond.  Simple, useful and able to blend in with any costume the ring belt might be the most useful accessory that you will ever buy.  Really the only thing to remember about a ring belt is to make sure the color matches the rest of your leather accessories (boots, bracers, belt pouch, leather tankard).  If you are a newbie and you are looking for those basic items, this is one you need to invest in.

One thing to watch with a ring belt is the length.  You want the belt to be long enough to make the loop through the ring and then have a little excess to hang down.  If you can get it to sit above your hips correctly then it looks great and can hold light items.  Otherwise, you are going to have to get it tight enough to keep your gear in place.  Look at the picture to the right and you can see what the basic ‘knot’ on the ring belt is supposed to look like.  Here is the great thing about a ring belt.  It can have embossed designs, it can be plain – It can have as much adornment or as little as you want.  It can also be as long or as short as you want.  Works equally as well for a lord as it does a lady and you will find that as long as the leathers you are sporting all match that it works with almost any costume choice.

My Dilemma 
Now, I may be in the minority but I find ring belts very hard to use.  I own two.  I bought them at the same time and they are identical.  I have used them together and individually.  I have even used one for a nephew of mine to fashion a make-shift baldric of sorts.  The problem is, I can never seem to get mine to hold tight enough to be of any use.  I constantly feel like I am tightening them to keep them from sliding around. I found a fix though – I bought a ring belt with a traditional modern buckle but it still had the length of the ring belt so that it looked authentic.  I would love to say that I remember whom I bought it from but I do not.  I was able to keep this one tight enough to hold up my other gear and I could use a second ring belt attached to the first to keep other, lighter accessories on.  This was my fix but might not work for everybody.  That said, the ring belt is something that goes to every faire.  A fav accessory that I can’t do without.