Have you ever purchased a weapon for your costume and found out that it was just a costume piece and could not be used to cut butter much less an overzealous Tortuga fan?

Let the guys at Sabersmith help you with that!

sabersmithWhen you walk in their shop, cutlery gleams from every wall and surface.  Of course, before you go into the shop you have to pass the rack of pole-arms outside the door.  Staffs, spears and even double ended pointy-things are lined up for your perusal.  As you pick up these mighty weapons you see something right off the bat.  The polearm that you are holding is not for show.  The war spear that you have in your hands is a good looking piece of weaponry but it is just that, a piece of weaponry and would as soon look good on the wall as pinning a baddie to that same wall.

makes battle-ready arms.  These tools of destruction are actually ready to dish out… destruction.  Let’s go in the shop.  Swords, axes, daggers & hammers – Oh My!  Either steel-colored or blackened, regardless of style (European or Eastern) you will find what you are looking for.  One of my favorite pieces is their Basket Hilt Cutlass,  With a blade length of 17 inches.  This is a perfect pirate weapon.  Strong, durable and with a keen edge this is a weapon that Blackbeard himself would have been proud to take into battle.  This is a functional sword with a life-time warranty.  Besides the fact that it is made well and is usable, it is beautiful.

Yes, I said that the sword is beautiful.  Go into their shop and pick it up, just try not to have a sword-crush on it.  Hold it in your hand and feel the weight.  Picture yourself boarding a ship and drawing this piratical tool to cut down a group of mariners, especially French Mariners.  Imagine them seeing the blade make its appearance.  They see the shine off the blade.  The see the glint on the basket hilt.  They see the detail on the basket and know that this is a pirate with style as well as a good sword.

thorFULLGrab the hammer.  You know you want to grab the hammer!  But be careful, while not as heavy or as magically bound as Thor’s sidekick Mjollnir, this is a heavy freaking hammer.  It has weight.  It is not something to be trifled with.  20 inches from head to pommel.  The hammer head is 2 inches by 5 inches.  7 pounds of fear inspiring steel.  And again it is usable.  I would guess that you could hammer nail-heads with it but Goblin-heads would be more fun.  Just like the cutlass you don’t want to test its battle-readiness by hitting someone but believe me, it would leave a mark.  The only real issue with the hammer would be carrying it but the right baldric or sling should make toting that 7 pounds of steel around a lot easier.

Sabersmith – You will not find many places with the selection, the quality or the warranty that they offer.  Spend some time in their booth.  Talk to the people behind the counter and find the one that knows their steel.  Pick out the piece that fits your costume and save up for it.  Don’t leap at the first one you pick up.  Wait for the one that takes your breath away.  Take your time and make the right choice for you and for the character that inhabits your costume.  You want to save up and buy the sword, dagger or other weapon that will last you a lifetime.

87 Grand Ledge Hwy
Mulliken, MI