Scotch Eggs

A hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded and then deep fried – this is the idea behind the Scotch Egg.  Now, my first recommendation is that you don’t look at it before you eat it.  If you see it and think about it you are probably going to chicken out.  This is one of those dishes that just doesn’t look appetizing but it is actually quite good, you know, like haggis.

A Bit of History:
scotcheggThe Scotch Egg traces its history back to London’s Fortnum & Mason Department store.  They say that they had the scotch egg out for sale around 1783.  The scotch egg immediately became a quick meal that was portable and easy to eat.  Providing lots of protein, they are great for breakfast and are a staple picnic food in the UK.  Think about it, an egg wrapped in sausage then breaded, it is the UK version of a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, there is just no biscuit.

In the UK, the scotch egg is picnic food.  They are homemade and I would imagine are kinda like a Brit version of deviled eggs.  Homemade, comfort food from across the pond. They also have these pre-made and packaged in grocery stores and convenience stores.  That being said, I am not sure how I would feel about eating scotch eggs from a 7-11.  I have had scotch eggs at 2 or 3 Highland Games and a couple of Renaissance Festivals and I tell you, they are a really good, quick breakfast.

At the festivals that I have had scotch eggs they are usually served split open with sausage gravy on the side.   Dip the scotch egg in the gravy and enjoy your breakfast.  I have also seen them served whole so that you have your food in a nice transportable package.  Served warm, you are in for a treat and a meal that will stick with you for hours until you decide you need a bread bowl and mead to keep going.

Recipe provided by Alice the Cook:

Scotch Eggs Ingredients
6 hard-cooked eggs, well chilled
1 pound breakfast sausage (I recommend Woodsend or other Amish brand Sausage or vegetarian sausage paste may be used)
1/2 cup flour
2 eggs, beaten
3/4 cup fine bread crumbs
Vegetable oil for frying

Peel eggs and set aside. Divide sausage into 6 portions. Roll each egg in flour and with hands press a portion of the sausage around each egg.

Dip sausage-wrapped eggs into beaten eggs and roll in bread crumbs. Heat vegetable oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook each egg in oil about 4-5 minutes or until sausage is cooked and browned. Drain on paper toweling. Serve warm.

Check out Alice the Cook’s Scotch Egg Post.  The photo is supplied by Alice the Cook as well.

One last thing,  I have heard that the scotch egg is a great hangover cure.  I have not tried to find out if this is a fact but please let me know if you can substantiate this claim.