Shakes Spears

Glory, Honor and Fame!

Rennies, I have found a brand new obession on my smart phone it is called Shake Spears and it is a jousting game for Android and iPhone.

Completely addictive and loads of fun this is not a button pusher and does take a little skill.  I saw the add, tried it and promptly lost a few hours of my day.  Here is the concept, you are a knight that is trying to get wed to the fair lady.  She sends him to the tournament and the fun is on.  The gameplay is as easy as the story.

Before the joust begins you choose and spells you want to use in the joust.  So far I have seen a Spur Spell that makes you hit a little harder and a Lightning Shield that destroys the opponents lance for the next round.

Using the bar on the right hand side of the screen you direct the lance.  It is relatively accurate.  You an choose to aim for the head, the body or the legs and the opponent moves their shield to intercept, the better your aim – the more damage you do.

Using the bar on the left you control your shield.  Obviously, trying to catch the opponents lance reduces the damage that you take and keeps you on your mount longer.  You joust until either you or your opponent reach zero health and you are knocked from your horse.

You compete in each town (each town containing 5-6 battles – at least so far). After the towns you get to spend the coin you earn in various shops (magic and armor).  You can upgrade your armor to take more damage and of course spells  (three different styles) to protect yourself in battle or do greater damage.

Each town gets progressively harder and the knights that you joust get tougher as well.  You meet up with different types of knights that each have their own way of jousting, thus making the game re-playable.  So – go grab the smart phone of your choice, download the app and start jousting.  This is sure to get you through the week while you are waiting for the next Faire Weekend.