Starfire Swords

Costume, Decoration and Stage Combat Weapons

Here is another of my favorite merchants at the Ren Faire.  My first introduction to them was at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  Walked up to their booth across from the London Broil show and I was floored.  Finally a group that made a sword that was safe to carry without a sheath.  The more I talked to them the more I understood their mission statement:  they make swords for costumes, for decorative purposes and for stage combat.  Their swords are made without edges or points.  They are designed to look fantastic and cause no harm.

And, man, do they look fantastic.  Beautifully made, great examples of the craft, they are particularly good at creating examples of styles of swords.  Their longsword is a perfect example of  a longsword.  Their cutlass is nothing fancy it is an elegant and well balanced blade that you could where ‘naked’ – without a scabbard and not have to worry about wounding yourself or anybody else in the process.

They also make it relatively easy to customize your weapon of choice.  The hilts of most Starfire Swords come wrapped in green and then wire-wrapped o top of that.  You can easily remove the hilt wrappings and customize til your hearts content.  The blades from Starfire are made by hand, they are really forged.  Each piece is balanced and each piece is guarnteed for materials and craftsmanship.  But if you abuse them, if you actually try to fight with them outside of the notion of stage combat, you have voided that guarantee.  Much like Google the phrase of the day at Starfire is Do No Harm.

Each year, Starfire sets up at festivals and faires all over the country.  It is possible that you can go and experience a Starfire Sword first hand – hold it, feel the hilt and the balance – feel the need to purchase.

Make sure that the Starfire booth is a stop while you are at the faire.   They provide a high quality product at competitive prices.  The pieces you buy from them are going to last you for ever and can even change as the style of your costume changes.  Starfire makes products that are built and designed to last.  Also, if you are putting on a stage show and you need the best possible weapons for a putting on any play with weapons involved – this is your only choice.  They are incredible and will even help you with choosing the item you need.