Steampunk Emporium

Authentic Period Clothing for a Better Tomorrow

spe coatI love the Steampunk style.  Great looking clothes and they all have that feel… that look… that something indefinable.  Any Victorian style garment you can think of with a tons of accessories are available at this online showplace called the Steampunk Emporium.

The Steampunk Emporium is the J Peterman of the Steampunk Faire world.  The first time you click in you are going to be floored by not only there selection but by the layout.  Everything is easy to find.  Costume ideas right on the homepage.  Accessories down the side.  Categories on the left.  Quiet frankly, it is the Amazon of Steampunk clothing – forget J Peterman.

The first thing that you have to do when you start putting your outfit together for any type of show is deciding what the theme is going to be.  The Steampunk Emporium gives you ideas right from the get-go.  When you dive into a new genre of faire you have to figure out what the options are.  Do you want to go old west, do you want to go scientist or do you want to fly an airship?  Click on your costume and you will see ALL the components that make up that costume, including the accessories.

ste3Or, you can search through the categories on the left.  Choose your gender and start browsing.  From pants to shirts, dresses to undergarments, everything is included.  Let’s take  look at their selection of vests.  In the Men’s department, under vest, there are dozens of chooses in style color, era and archetype.   These vests are well designed, well made and durable.  They are also practical enough that with few exceptions, you could get away with sporting them out in public.    I am especially fond of the Canvas Double Breasted Vest in Wheat.

As many of you may know, I am a huge believer that the accessories make the costume.  You can have the best pants, shirt and jacket in the place but if you don’t have the accessories to go with it – what is the point.  At the Steampunk Emporium they have all the accessories to make your garb ‘pop.’  Canes, boots, hats, pocket watches, spectacles… you name it they have it.  Take your character to the next level by adding some ‘Brassy Bits.’


goglesA Pair of brass goggles take you from just being that weird guy in the costume to being a Steampunk scientist.  A pair of brass opera glasses take your Victorian ball gown from ordinary to astounding and you become a spy for another government instead of just a lady in the dress.

So, when you are planning on making the jump to a Steampunk Faire… start your garb search at the Steampunk Emporium.  Let them help you buy the whole outfit or buy the accessories that make you stand out from the crowd.