Stripping Down for Summer

The FULL Pirate Garbbery!

With summer now officially on the way out, and several days of beautiful weather here in East TN I have thought once again about adding a Captain’s Coat to my Piratical Garbbery.  This is completely opposite to the dog days of summer when I tend to go for a more stripped down look.  Now, I am not suggesting that we attend an all-nude-all-the-time Ren faire but, let us be reasonable and think about the heat as we start to edge away from summer.

A much more laid back member of the crew.

Most of the time, I sport a long vest, slops, ren shirt, boots, long socks… the full get up.  I never broke from this until one year at the Georgia Faire.  We had stayed over night in Fairburn, Ga.  We woke up, got dressed and went down to eat the continental breakfast in costume.  It is great because at those close by hotels you have lots of other people that have garbed it up for breakfast and the kids that are there really dig it.  I had on the boots, the slops, the shirt and vest at this point and some of the jewelry that I usually sport – nothing that would interfere with eating biscuits and gravy.  We ate, check out of the hotel and stepped out into one of the most oppressive days that I have ever experienced.  This was the last weekend of the GRF – In JUNE!

We jumped in the car and headed to the faire.  We parked got out of the car and I thought – “Holy crap, I am going to die in this today!”  I had already broken a sweat and the thought of roaming around in a lot of clothes was not a pleasant one, not to mention the ride home later after sweating all day.  I stepped to the back of the car shed everything that I could.  I kept the slops and the shirt.  Changed out the tricorne for a simple pirate cap and yanked off the boots and socks.  I have never been so glade that I had a pair of hemp sandals in my car.  I even left the baldric and sword in the car and just kept my haversack so that I would have a place for my camera -excuse me, Flemish Painter.

Now that I stripped down for what proved to be a scorcher of a day, I was nice and cool throughout the visit and those people with me did not have to listen to me gripe about what I was wearing or the fact that I could feel the sweat rolling down my back.

Keep this in mind if you are headed to a summer faire.  Dress for the weather and save those heavy items for faires that are later int he year.

Take of Some Clothes, Rennies!  Make yourself comfort and let ’em see you sweat!

Incidentally, the main image for this article – the guy taking a nap – is the one that wanted to wear a loin cloth to the faire.