What’s under your kilt?

stkI have been thinking that I need to buy a kilt.  It would be a nice change from pants and seeing as I wear slops most of the time at the faire… I am almost wearing a kilt anyway.  So as I started doing research online, I came across one of my new favorite merchants:  Stumptown Kilts.

Stumptown Kilts is the brain child of kilt wearers.  They had worn both traditional and modern utility kilts and they knew something was missing.  Two years later, they brought out the first Stumptown Kilt (STK).  Their kilt design is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.  This gives you a crisp looking kilt that doesn’t have the problem of the pleats rolling and becoming puffy.  I personally like the fact that I will not have to iron the STK every time I wear it.  They also built a pocket into the front.  This gives you a lot of storage without the two huge utility pockets on cargo-shorts style kilts.  Add to this the ability to add pockets to your kilt on the outside along the waist band and you have a functional piece of clothes that will last forever.
stk pocketIt is possible that is you are in their area of coverage you might be able to find a Stumptown Kilt at a faire and checkout their kilts in person.  Be sure to check their website for the list of events that they will be attending.

Here is one non-kilt related thing I love about this company.  Their facebook updates are fantastic.  Do yourself a favor and send a LIKE their way.  The What’s under your kilt photos and cartoons that they post will give you a giggle throughout your day and keep a smile on your face.  They are witty and are using facebook to garner a following that grows daily.  I love it when a company that makes the antiquarian, uses new and refreshing methods to move their marketshare.


Stumptown Kilts
Portland, OR