tartanicImagine, if you will, Celtic music, sunglasses and ober-coolness in a kilt covering the whole stage.  You have just imagined:  Tartanic!

I love the bagpipes!  These guys take bagpipping to a whole new level.  They mix the sound of the bagpipe into harmonies that will bring the most resolute Highlander to tears.  Or convert the un-Scottish to a kilt-wearing-mad-person. Take the sounds off the two highland bagpipes and add to it three percussionists playing a variety of instruments and you have a band that will take Celtic music to the extreme.  Their sound is all their own and you have to love the stage presence.  Seldom do you get to see a band take the audience on a musical journey.  And of course, if you see them at a Ren Fair you will get to see the crowd, dressed in their period finest, dancing to the beat.

Check out the video!

Tartanic started in 2001 and they have become a mainstay of the Renaisssance Fair, Steampunk Fair & Highland Game circuit.  Click this link to get to their schedule and see when they will be in a town near you.   They also play Highland Games and Steampunk Festival throughout the year.  Check their website or facebook page to check out their tour schedule.  If you visit their facebook page throw them a LIKE so that you can keep up with the band.

Besides their touring, Tartanic also spends quite a bit off time in the studio preparing new albums.  Whatever fairs you happen to attend, make sure to check out Tartanic if they happen to be playing the fair you are at.  Great band, amazing sound and a show that you will never forget.  Listen to them once and you will be hooked.