The Belrose Theatre Costume Shop

“The Best Costume Shop” – The Pacific Sun

First the Theatre
The Belrose Theatre was established in the 60s and is a Northern California landmark. The Pacific Sun newspaper voted the Belrose Best Live Theater.  Over the years they have produced many original shows and staged favorites like the Wizard of Oz, Oliver, Peter Pan and many more.  They are a dinner theater and you enjoy not only the show itself but a meal as well.  Along with the theater the Belrose boasts a Performing arts center that offers classes in: ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, swing and of course courses in theater arts and training.  Most of these classes are taught by the founder of the theater – Margie Belrose.  It is no wonder, with the number of shows and the variety of shows that they offer throughout the year, that they have a huge number of costumes and that they have become one of the largest purveyors of costumes in Northern California and the country.

The Costume Shop
The costume shop at the Belrose offers more then 3,000 costumes.  They cover every era that you can think of.  In the racks you will find Egyptian outfits hanging next to barbarian garb, flapper outfits from the early 20th century in the racks near the animal costumes.

Of course, our main focus is on their selection of costumes from the Renaissance time period. And when you include the locations at the various faires they attend throughout the year, they have enough costumes to outfit a renaissance era village.  They cover the full spectrum of the renaissance era – peasant to royalty and everything in between.  And the fact that they design their costumes to take the beating of being on stage day in and day out means that a costume from Belrose will last you through your whole adventure at the faire.

Here are some pictures of a just a few of the thousands of happy costumers that the Belrose has supplied a day of costumed fun to:

These are complete costumes, meaning that they include a hat, pouch and belt.  They offer boot coverings at an additional cost but they do not provide shows so think ahead.

Next time you are at a Ren Faire, and you find yourself garbless – without garb, don’t freak out.  Stop by Belrose, let them get you set up.  Rent your costume for the day and have a blast roaming around the lanes of the faire as someone else for the day.