The Best Thing About Garb

Why I wish I could wear my costume all the time…

I am going to leave off the feeling you get when you put on the garb and roam around the faire.  I am also going to forget about the fact that when in garb I get to wear a sword all day, I am just going to talk about comfort.

garb1Now, as most of you know, I attend the faire in the full pirate get up and I am going to get to my particular costume in a few minutes.  First though, I would like to talk about the basics of the male, or female Ren Wear.  For guys and girls, you are talking a loose fitting, light weight shirt – the poet shirt or the peasant blouse.  My poet shirt is the most comfortable shirt that I own.  The poet shirt does not touch you anywhere but your shoulders, it is up at the neck and it is made of light-weight muslin.  The sleeves likewise can be worn open and flowing or they can be tied at the wrist or at the elbow.  You can’t beat it.

No for the lower half.  For the gentleman we have the loose fitting pants and for the ladies the simple skirt.  Again, you are looking at a key term: loose-fitting.  The pants tie at the waist.  They hang loosely allow freedom of movement and depending on the material will keep you warm in the colder climates or cool in the summer.  They can easily be tucked into your boots or allowed to hang out to the tops of your shoes.

garb2Now, when I am at the faire in full pirate regalia, I am wearing slops and the poet shirt, each and every time.  Here is the truth of it though – I would wear that outfit to the real-life job each day if I could.  The slops I wear are, quite frankly, one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that I own.  Big legs allow for lots of plenty of cooling.  I don’t have to tuck my slops into my boots and they are fall front pants so the privy doesn’t present any problems.  The poet shirt – a homemade combination of several different patterns – is fantastic.  I have long since gotten rid of the leather ties at the neck of my shirt, I tie the sleeves up at my elbows, allowing for full display of the accessories that I wear.  Freaking love the costume and the garb.

If the dress code at the company I worked for wasn’t so strict, I would rock the pirate each and every day.

Damn business casual!