bronze jewelry 3Allow me to reminisce.  There are two accessories that I wear to every Renaissance Fair:  a small bronze cuff and a large bronze cuff.  They are not fancy, they are simple, hammered bronze.  They were both bought from the same place in consecutive years:  The Bronze Jewelers.  I love these two pieces and they are part of the costume as much as my sword and as much as my tricorn.  They are part of my everyday wear in fact and they go with me to work and to church throughout the year, unless I have a lot of typing to do and then they stay at the house – big cuffs are not conducive to typing.  I have also purchased a ring and a twisted bracelet from them in the past that I wear all the time.

Now on to the meat of the article.  The Bronze Jewelers produce some of the most incredible pieces of wearable art that I have ever seen.  Their work is detailed, timeless and they cross-over themes so it is easy to find something that you like.

bronze jewelry 2Bronze was one of the first metals that man harnessed.  Bronze was easy to extract from the earth, or at least ‘easier,’ and The Bronze Jewelers are working with this metal much like the artisans of old used it.  They are making both jewelry and art.  They are building pieces that will last for all time and that, due to the nature of the metal used, are historic without having to have a lot of age, by the very fact that they are made of bronze.

If you through their Etsy shop you will see that they have pieces that cross over many different themes.  They cover Celtic, pirates and because they are working with Bronze any ancient culture you can think of.  Also, because they are true artisans, they can make you anything you can think of.  Also, if you want to view their merchandise, that is not to hard to do.  Be sure to visit their website & Etsy store to check them out; see what they have to offer.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood of one of the fairs they attend, stop in a look around, buy something and marvel at what they can do with Bronze.

BTW –  they work with precious metals as well.  So if Bronze is not your thing, they have lots of choices.