The Bungled Jungle

I love to shop at the Ren Faire.  I love to roam from one end of the lanes to the other looking at everything that the organizers have brought to the show.  From the handmade to the completely unique, I love it all.  I especially like it when the wares in the booth are one-of-a-kind, works of art.  That is always true when you step into the crazy world of the Bungled Jungle.

Pat & Suzanne are the creative force behind Bungled Jungled.  Here is what the creators  say about the process of building each of these unique critters:

“The process starts with a metal/wood or plasticarmature that is then built up with layers of rubber, plastic, metal, plaster and clay…each piece will have approximately 13 separate materials interlayered.”

The great thing about the medium they work in is that their works of art are completely ‘cleanable.’  Hang one of the Bungled Jungled monsters on the wall and let it be part of your decor or better yet, your family.  Say that your Bungled Jungle Critter gets dusty.  He or she needs a little cleaning.  Take it to the kitchen and house it down with the sprayer on your sink.  Give it face and body a good cleaning and then take it back to its spot in your home.

Another wonderful thing about the art of the Bungled Jungle, and I have mentioned it before:  every one of their pieces is a one of a kind work of art.  You are not getting mass produced monsters.  You are not getting a mold made critter.   You are getting a piece of art that they sat down and breathed life into.  They had a concept, they started with a framework and added layer upon layer, they added character and facial features.  They added all the pieces that turned it from a well put together set of pieces into a whole that will tie a room together and maybe even lift your spirit after a hard day.

Bungled Jungle is at the Arizona Renaissance Festival each year.  You can go there and check out their work or you can go to their digs in Colorado.  Either way you are going to fall in love with their works and you are going to want to take home a gargoyle, a monster a critter or a beastie to adorn that special room in your home.