The Contribution Conundrum

Yes, you can write as well!

typewriterI am finally ready to take other peoples contributions to the website.  And trust me, all of you out there probably have better ideas, better thoughts and funnier stories then I have.  So, here are just a few of the things you can write about:

Possible Topics

  • Faire Reviews – Do you have a local faire that you attend every weekend or maybe a faire that you travel to and visit each year?  Here is your chance to give that faire some love.  There will be links on the article to the faire you write about.  With 75,000+ visitors a month (as of the time of this writing) you are giving that faire you love some online love as well.
  • Merchant Reviews – You have all purchased items from people at the Ren Faires you attend.  Write them up.  Preach your love for that vendor at the faire.  Tell about the products you bought, the piece you got for your garb or the conversation that you had with a Rennie or a Boothie at the faire.  You might be helping someone find that perfect item they have been looking for.
  • Shows and More – Write up the Tortugas, Ded Bob, Don Juan & Miguel.  All of those shows that you sit and watch for hours on end each day at the Ren Faire.
  • Stories and Anecdotes – Tell about your experiences with costumes, accessories, travel or faire food.  The funnier the better!
  • Book or Movie Reviews – Read a good book about the Middle ages or the Renaissance time-period recently?  Disagree with one of my movie reviews, here is your chance.  You have a platform and an audience.  Write. Write! WRITE!

writingHere is all that is required for a submission:

  1. Keep It Rennie!  If you are a reader of the site then you know that I use that term rather loosely, so feel free to be creative with the term Rennie but really almost anything closely related will work.
  2. An article consisting of 350-500+ words.  The closer to 500+ words you get that more apt you will be to make the cut.
  3. At least two images to go along with your article.  Both should be at least 960 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.  Feel free to make them a little larger than that I will be glad to edit them for you.
  4. You will have credit (a byline) and if you have a website or a blog, include the links and I will be glad to put that on your article as well.
  5. You submit the article to me by email, I will get it formatted for the website, add the pictures and then get it posted for you.
  6. Make sure you have not used the story or article on any other website.  I will check to make sure that we are not posting duplicitous work.

If you find you like writing, if you find you enjoy reaching an audience, then we can talk about you becoming a regular contributor.  You will post directly to the site and then I will schedule it for publishing.

Ever wanted to blog to a major audience? This is your chance.  Come out my little authors in training, you professional wirters that love a good Ren Faire and everyone in between – get to your computers and Write… then email it to me.

Jason Cadden
Owner / Editor / Author RenOutfitters