The Jayna Lee Show

May all your days be circus days!

jayna leeThe first time I saw Jayna Lee perform was at a the Georgia Renaissance Festival where she was on stage with her husband, Dextre Tripp.  She is enchanting, hugely talented and will amaze you with the diversity of her talents.  I was trying to work her full list of skills in and finally decided that I would just make a list, prepare for your jaw to drop:

  • Static Trapeze
  • Aerial Silk
  • Fire-Eating
  • Roman Rings
  • Contortion
  • Stilt Walking
  • Juggling
  • Stunts
  • Interactive Comedy
  • Acrobatics
  • Tumbling
  • Basic Figure Skating
Now, I have not seen her figure skate but otherwise I can vouch for the fact that she is an amazing performer.  She works a crowd like a pro twice her age and her aerial silk act is one of the best I have ever seen.  She moves fluidly from one stunt to another with grace and skill, the whole while making it look like she is not even breaking a sweat. That might be because she loves what she does and is at home on the stage.

Jayne Lee has made multiple appearances on TV from the Ellen Degeneres Show, to the Today Show to America’s Got Talent.  She has also appeared at Ren Faires across the country, including:  New York Renaissance Faire, Georgia Renaissance Festival, Connecticut Renaissance Festival, Florida Renaissance Festival, Hoggetown Medieval Faire and the Wisconsin Renaissance Fair.  She is constantly touring around the country so make sure to check and see if she is on stage at a fair near you and don’t miss her act.


The Jayna Lee Show is a true circus act.  She has the traditional skills of circus performers from a dozen different acts.  Her amazing skill-set gives her the ability to plug into crowds all over the country and she can make her act work anywhere.  She is for hire and available for bookings so if you have an event that needs captivating entertainment, this is the entertainer that you need.  She will dazzle your audience the same way she does the crowds on the Ren Faire circuit.