The LimeyBirds

Love, Laughs and Limes

What happens when you get three classically trained singers together at a Ren Faire?  They invent the group called the LimeyBirds.  Always, sweet always on key and always sans0music, this crowd pleasing group is a little bawdy, very funny and they are great singers that will send you away humming the tunes they were singing for days to come.

The LimeyBirds were started in 1999 and the three sisters:  Faith, Charity and Bunnie have been going strong ever since.  These three singers are classically trained and they turned their love of music into a thriving career on the Renaissance festival circuit.  They are a ‘must see’ act that keeps people in their seats.  Plus, their voices soaring into the air makes filling those seats very easy.  The LimeyBirds bring traditional pub-songs, sea-shantys and folk muic from the UK along with plenty of original LimeyBirds songs that are becoming classics.

The LimeyBirds show on the Ren Faire circuit is fantastic but they also branch out both musically and comedically.  You might get to catch their swing style show, which is a tribute tot he 40s called the Spitfire Gals.  Looking for something a little more piratey:  The Yo-Ho’s Pirate Show is sure to make you grin.  Or, if you are a fan of the 50s, The PoodleSkirts are the LimeyBirds from a different age.  What doall these shows have in common?  The same three wonderful ladies with the same three wonderful voices doing what they love.  You can not only feel the warmth of their music but you can also hear that LimeyBirds comedic screaming around the ages.

If you like a little bawdy pub sing, the LimeyBirds are the very place you need to stake out when you see that they are performing.  Find a perch near the front of the stage so you don’t miss a raised eyebrow and get ready for the funny, get ready for the songs and get ready to have a great time.