The Lost Boys

The Boys in Blue

Rock N’ Roll 1599 Style

Picture this with me if you can:
The year is 1599.  In a small pub, four youthsome lads take the stage.  The crowd turns to look at them.   They each take a deep breath and they launch into their first song.  The harmonies, the lyrics, the excitement and energy fills the room.  At the end of their set, the crowd rushes out to tell their friends.  The players on stage have just invented a new kind of music.  The crowd has just heard the first strains of the music of The Lost Boys.


String, Aaron, Nash & Will are The Lost Boys!  They claim to have invented rock n’ roll and whether you believe that or not doesn’t matter, the fact is that they are one of the most energetic and fun bands you will ever see at a Ren Faire or another type of show.  Blending some traditional fold music with a rock sensibility The Lost Boys are kilt wearing, musicians that really know how to get a crowd on their feet.  You will hear pub songs, folk songs and lot of their own original music in ever show.  And though the aforementioned four are at almost every show they also bring in others to help fill out the sound and get the music rolling.


In the past you might have caught The Lost Boys at show places as the Siouxland Renaissance Festival, Miami Renaissance Festival & the Connecticut Renaissance Festival.  They tour all the time, so I suggest getting on their mailing list or, better yet, get over to their facebook page and gibe them a LIKE.  Follow the band and find out where you can see them live.  Or maybe you want to take their music with you?…


  •  The Lost Boys: Rogues in a Nation – 2001
  • The Lost Boys:  Bedlam – 2003
  • The Lost Boys:  The Teal Album – 2005
  • The Lost Boys:  Heroes and Scoundrels – 2008
Either way, you owe it to yourself to become a follower,a fan – NAY – a devotee of The Lost Boys.  Especially if you are in the Atlanta, GA area you may find it easier then you think to track them down and feel the music.  Get out there and party like it’s 1599.