The Pirate Trading Company

ptc swordFew places pack in the piratey goodness that The Pirate Trading Company offers. Whether you are looking for period accurate weapons or costume pieces, the MacKay brings it to you in both his online presence and the the shop that tours to various events each season allowing you to browse through the best that this modern-day pirate has to offer.  When you first look at their website here is what you are going to notice, the number of categories of merchandise that they have, the real, working flintlock pistols that they carry and the swords that they have available for purchase.

The Pirate Trading Company has a tremendous website.  One of the things I like best is that they have everything broken down by category so that it is all easy to find.  There is no stumbling around looking for something because you don’t know what the site designer decided to call it. No trying to decide:  “where do I go to find a belt?”  You don’t have to dig through all of the swords to find a knife or go through all the swords to find a flintlock.  And speaking of flintlocks…

ptc beltThese guys have the best flintlocks that you will ever see.  Plus, they are real.  Yes, my little Rennies, these are real, firing, black-powder flintlocks.  Now they have some replicas as well but let’s stay on task here.  They have flintlocks that you can shoot.  I don’t have the words to express how very cool this is.  Now, I know what you are saying, “But, Bobaganush, then you can’t take it in the faire with you.”  And you are correct, but… how awesome would it be to have a real one for places you can take it.  And of course, the fact that it is a working handmade item rates it high on the cool-o-meter.  The Pirate Trading Company – providing real working firearms to pirates that need them.

From the basic to the very detailed, The Pirate Trading Company has a sword for every occasion and every costume.  There is no use dressing like a pirate if you aren’t going to carry the badge of honor.  And you need to make sure that your sword matches your character, and hopefully the persona that you hope to project.  It is easy just to grab a cutlass and make do but at some point you are going to want to pick a sword that is you and make it your own.  Let the Pirate Trading Company give you hand.  Plus, before you get to the point of getting the sword and having no way to carry it, visit the belts and baldrics section.

Last, but certainly not least, The Pirate Trading Company puts together some great original videos that are informative and very entertaining.  Usually these videos star the MacKay, go to the site, find the video that fits your needs at the moment and settle in for hours of entertainment.

The Pirate Trading Company is a terrific resource on the web.  Being able to stop in anytime and visit the site of a master haberdasher (Captain MacKay is the owner of Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats as well)that has broadened his horizons is a treat that we owe to the modern age.  Finding that one stop place to accessorize your pirate costume… that we owe to the MacKay.

The Pirate Trading Company