Three Quarters Ale

Celtic-Folk – Ren-Rock

Three Quarters Ale is a “Ren-Rock” band that is based out of Atlanta, GA.  They blend the feel of a 17th-century madrigal and traditional Celtic favorites with folk-rock for a sound that they have dubbed Ren-Rock.  They live up to this title in every way possible.

Three Quarters Ale is:

  • Ariana Pellayle – flute, guitar, vocals
  • Rosemary Quench – harp, percussion, vocals
  • Wicked Pete Speakeasy – guitar, vocals
Obviously these are not their real names but the characters they portray in the show (though having the last name Pellayle would be amazing – I am considering changing mine now).  These three performers produce some of the most beautiful vocals to be heard on the Ren Faire circuit.  Watch the video below and you are going to hear their attention to detail and the vocal ability shine through.

Every time I hear them perform I am a little more impressed by their talent.  Whether they are busting loose on a pub song or turning something very contemporary into something different by putting a Rennie spin on it or singing an acapella version of a crowd favorite, their shows are fun, entertaining and inventive.  They have brought folk music back to the masses for years and made it their own.  They have embraced their genre and given it a new name:  Ren-Rock.  You gotta love, Three Quarters Ale.

If you are needing your Ren-Rock fix between faires, visit their website and pick up some music.  You will find you are laughing at and loving their music as you drive down the road or ease into your day at work with memories form the Ren Faire rolling through ears.


  • A Taste of Ale (2011)
  • Shall We Gather by the Fire (2010)
  • Intertwined (2006)
  • Three Quarter Ale (2003)