“Look at the Traveler in those strange, shorts pants, methinks he may be touched.”

Have you been looking for a term for the straights at the faire?  I have one for you today – Traveler!

Traveler is the term for a person that is not a Ren Rat, not a Rennie and not a boothie.  They are also not to be confused with a Playtron.  While the Playtron may be the closest of the terms to the Traveler, the Traveler comes to the faire in their civvies.  They are not in costume, they may have no connection to people that are in costume.  And I know this is hard to believe but this may be the first time they have ever been to a faire.

A Traveler trying her hand at a Ren Craft!

Travelers can be the meat and potatoes for some faires, whether it is their first time there or their hundredth.  While the Rennies do add a touch of atmosphere and they certainly act as unpaid scenery, the Travelers are the ones that flock to the faire in no costumes, ready to spend cash and have a good time watching those “weird people” that dress up to go to the faire.  So be kind to the Traveler.  Make sure that they have a good time.  If the Traveler has kids and they ask you for a picture – you take a picture with the kid.  If the Traveler themselves ask to take your picture – you take the picture.  Realize that your choice to be in costume makes you a public figure.

10 Ways to Spot a Traveler:

  1. No Codpiece / No Corset – that’s a problem!
  2. They are not shouting Huzzah at everyone around them.
  3. When the queen starts her procession to the jousting arena, they do not bow.  The trolls!
  4. Actually take their children out of the R-Rated Tortuga show.  Sure sign of a Traveler.
  5. Seem concerned by the Kissing Wenches liberal application of lipstick and ‘friendly’ nature.
  6. Have issues with the guys selling pickles and their meat from the pickle and jerky booths.
  7. Think they should try to be dainty when they are eating a smoked turkey leg.
  8. They end up on stage in the London Broil show having knives thrown around them.
  9. The end up on stage with Paolo Garbanzo, throwing flaming torches at him.
  10. They Don’t know the words to Ded Bobs songs – the poor souls.

Look around the group that you go to the faire with.  Do you have Traveler hiding in your pack of Rennies?  Do you have Travelers that try to gain their Ren-Cred by running with a group of costumed Playtrons?  It is OK, take a breath and see if you can convert them.  That is the best case scenario if you find that you have befriended a Traveler.  You need to convert them – ever so slowly – into being a Rennie or a Playtron.

In fact, tomorrow – 10 Ways to Convert a Traveler!