Twig the Fairy

Spreading Whimsy, Wonder and the Occasional GlitterBomb

twigTwig the Fairy (or Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom, her full name) has been performing at Ren Faires and delighting audiences across the country since 2003.  I can recall the first time that I saw Twig…

I had just stepped through the doors of the Carolina Renaissance Festival and there, right in the middle of the street was a gorgeous… FAIRY.  Now at this point I was new to the whole Rennie scene so I was, quite frankly, rooted to the spot for a moment.  As I watched, little kids of every shape and size were drawn directly to her.  Twig never utters a word but she completely captivated those children and everybody else that was within earshot and line-of-sight.  They swarmed into a circle around her.  She began to play her flute, there was an odd silence in the air as some of the children, especially the girls, sat down in the street to watch the show.  My nephews were included in this, the youngest, being 5 at the time asked me later if she was a real fairy.  My response:  “I think she was.”

twig the fairyAny of you that have been blessed to watch Twig the Fairy perform know that she never utters a word while she is in character.  Her whimiscal beauty, her grace and the care she shows to all the “small humans” that roam the streets of the faire make her not only a faire favorite but one of those memories that stands the test of time.  Since that first experience, Twig is one of the ‘people’ that I look for to prove that I have had a good day at the faire.  She always has a place near the entrance and is there to entertain as you enter and exit, whenever you see her, she leaves a bit of joy in your heart.

On another note, if you haven’t already done so, FOLLOW HER: on Twitter, and LIKE her on facebook.  Her tweets and posts will bring a smile to your face and a glitterbomb during the day is something that will make the mundane much easier to bear.  If you want to take some Twig home with you she has merchandise, including one of the best calendars that you will ever see.

Twig is one of the most remarkable street performers that you will see on the faire circuit.  She is an entrepreneur beyond reproach who has turned he performing skills and her love of fairies into a thriving business.  On top of it all, if you have “small humans” with you at the faire, you may come away with a little girl that really wants to be a fairy when she grows up, certainly you will come away believing that fairies are REAL.