Twiggs & Berries

Royal and Jester Codpieces for the Masses

Twiggs & Berries supply one of those ‘must need’ items for some Rennies and Playtrons at the Renaissance Festival:  the Codpiece.  The codpiece, for some outfits and costumes, is necessary or the garb just doesn’t look right.  I mean, what is a Tortuga without his codpiece.  What would the various, truly Renaissancey types, be running around the faire in tights with no codpiece.  They would be a fancy version of Robin Hood, that is what they would be – cod-piece-less Robin Hood – no one wants that.

Twiggs & Berries provides those codpieces.  Whether you are looking for the right codpiece to accentuate your courtly costume or whether you are looking for something to set you apart on stage, this crafter turns out two distinct styles of codpiece:

  1. The Royal Codpiece – These are your more courtly but no less adorned codpieces.  These are going to be the accessory that really sets you apart.  If you are dressed in your Renaissance-best, then you need to have something to adorn your “cod region.”  Classic, fancy and just eye catching enough to make someone go – “Wow, look at that guys codpiece?”
  2. The Jester Codpiece – The coolest codpieces ever.  These are all different and amazing.  Go to the website and check out their selection.  Codpieces with literal twigs and berries on them.  Codpieces that look like gift packages, to go over your package.  HUGE codpieces that look like dragon heads, though these may be merely to conceal short-comings in the cod-area.
Anyway, you get the point.  If you want to buy a sword, you don’t go to the booth that sales magic wands.  If you want to buy a magic wand you don’t go to the jewelers.  If you need a codpiece, go to the people that know their cods:  Twiggs & Berries.  Let them custom make you the codpiece to go with your outfit or simply browse through their website looking for that special cod-adornment that you desire… nay, that you need.