10 Ways to get Rid of Unwanted Attention

“Is that a Turkey Leg in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Playtrons – We have all seen the lady at the Renaissance Festival that is receiving too much unwanted attention.  She has spent lots of time making herself look beautiful and she is getting hit on by people left and right.  They are using some of the worst pickup lines that you have every heard and instead of wearing down the resolve of fair lady they, they are just frustrating her.

Or maybe it is a boothie – She is working a booth, trying to earn a great piece of swag for her day of work.  She has also made herself look wonderful and all she is getting all day is unwanted attention from men and boys stepping into the booth and attempting to get into her corset, or at least get a look at her corset.  She is trying to work, people, she is there to accomplish the task.  She will let you know if she is interested, if you don’t get those signals, move on.

Beer & Mead Wenches – Much like a waitress, these ladies are paid to be nice to you.  They are dolled-up to be living scenery and most importantly to provide a service.  To provide all of us with beer and MEAD.  The two things that drive the ren faire ever forward.  Don’t stand in line and hit on the girl behind the counter.  Enjoy the banter, enjoy the costume, tip the wench and then move on.  There are people behind you that want their tasty beverage.

We are all at the Ren Faire to have fun but we have to make sure that we are not being overly lewd or bawdy and that we are not making anyone uncomfortable.  Especially if the object of your attention might be someone that is under 18, then this type of attention is not only unwanted but could be illegal.  To this end, my fairer-sexed Rennies, her are some ways to get rid of that unwanted attention:

10 Ways to get Rid of Unwanted Attention:

  1. Ignore the remarks – This is easier said then done but most of the time the drunker fiends will be turned off from any further advances.
  2. Travel in packs – Men are wolves and like to pick off prey that is by itself.  In this same vein, packs of men will often track the lone beauty.  Stay in groups and though you will still get lots of looks, you will be less likely to get accosted.
  3. Turn the tables – Turn the conversation and the bawdiness back on the person that is making the advances.  It is amazing how a man’s ‘ego’ will deflate when the tables are turned.
  4. Head to the Privies – Divided by gender, you will have a safe haven in the privy and you will be able to find some moral support – and potentially someone that will help you handle the situation.
  5. A kick to the codpiece – This will surely stop the most aggressive banter dead in its track. A least resort, of course, but if they have moved from talking to touching no one is going to disagree with your choice.
  6. Call on the nearest pirate.  We are a good lot and will be more than willing to dispatch the dog that is offending you.
  7. Call a Viking – If the pirate didn’t work, step it up a notch and call in a Viking.  The varlet that is providing the unwanted attention will certainly get bounced.
  8. Call a Washing Well Wench nearby – They are used to the attention and will have no problem dispatching the most aggressive of advances.
  9. Find a group of older women – I don’t mean old I mean women that are older then you.  They have been through this and will help you handle this situation.  They will shut down the young pup that is being overtly lewd.
  10. Use your wit.  Make the lout feel a bit on the dense side by talking over their heads and turn the tables on them.  There is no man that a woman can not outwit.

Of course some of the remarks above are in jest but it is our duty as a society of Rennies to make sure that nobody at the fair receives any attention that they do not want or that makes them feel uncomfortable.  If you see this happening, keep your ears open and your eyes peeled.  Step in and ask the boothie a question, draw her away from the person that is impeding her from doing her job.  If you notice a gentleman being much to forward find someone from the faire staff and point them in that direction.  In other words, let us watch out for each other and enjoy the faire, while making sure nobody receives unwanted attention.