Washing Well Wenches

Good Clean Fun… Wet, Dirty Women

And who doesn’t love dirty, wet women.  The Washing Well Wenches (WWW – not to be confused with the world wide web) are a staple of the Ren Faire circuit and have spawned countless shows that attempt to capture and pay tribute to this incredible act.

Here is the idea.  The women in the village of your faire that take care of the laundry are the washing wenches.  They gather around the well to wash clothes but get roped into entertaining the crowds that always seem to gather when they are there to do their jobs.  After the crowd has gathered, the wenches jump into their routine.  They entertain with music, song and especially bawdy, raucous humor.  They also get more people involved in one show and get more people wet in one show then you will see this side of Johnny Phoenix (except for the getting wet, he might set people on fire… well it might depend on who you are).

From the audience interaction to the inevitable belly-flops in the tank, the WWW will keep the action going as they search the crowd for extras for their show and potentially husbands.  Yes, laddies, you might end up on stage in a tight embrace with one of these ‘lovely’ sisters.  If you love to watch public embarassment and enjoy a show with good dirty, wet fun, this is the show for you.  This is the place you need to stake a claim at.  Check the list below and see if they are at a faire near you.

Where to find the WWW:

  • Palm Springs Renaissance Festival
  • Northern California Renaissance Faire
  • Colorado Renaissance Festival
  • Florida Renaissance Festival – Deerfield Beach
  • Kiwanis / Lee County Medieval Faire
  • Florida Renaissance Festival – Key Biscayne
  • King Richard’s Faire
  • New York Renaissance Festival
  • Great Lakes Medieval Faire
  • Tennessee Renaissance Festival
  • Koroneburg European Renaissance Faire
  • Southern California Pleasure Faire
  • Bay Area Renaissance Festival
  • Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Festival
  • Sarasota Medieval Faire
  • Kansas City Renaissance Festival
  • Michigan Renaissance Festival
  • Minnesota Renaissance Festival
  • Ohio Renaissance Festival
  • Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Pics from the Washing Well Wenches facebook page.

The Washing Well Wenches are a cornerstone of the Ren Faire.  Make sure they are on your list, make sure that you see them as many times as often and pretend you are at Sea World, sit in the Splash Zone.