Wayfarer’s Whimsy

Felted Wool Fairy Tale Folk Dolls

The textile arts are always alive and well at the Ren Faire.  Whether people are weaving on a loom or making decor for your house or hobbit-hole, fabric arts are here to stay.  Wayfarer’s Whimsy takes the needle to pieces of felt and they come up with remarkable, whimsical, beautiful creations.  They create folk dolls and these dolls each have their own look, feel and emotion due to the handmade nature of this craft and the time and care they put into each and every one.

Back in the day, all toys were handmade.  There was no such thing as a mass produced toy.  Wayfarer’s Whimsy is bringing the handmade nature of toys back to the present.  Stepping into their booth is going to make you feel like a kid again.  The walls and shelves abound with dragons, fairys, fairytale creatures and much more.  They have developed versions of every animal (both real and fantastical).  The dolls, animals, everything has so much character.  I would not have thought that you could get that much emotion and personality out of a piece of felt but they smile and frown and act coy.  They are display a lot of character for a being just a few pieces of felt.

The Fairy Tale characters are out of this world.  The carry, Rapunzel, Snow White, Mother Goose and many more.  Your little girl can now have a set of fairy tale characters to tell the stories to all of her friends.  And instead of having the same set as everyone else, hers will last for years and become treasured memories of her childhood.  They will be something completely unique and timeless; her own little treasures.

Want to start your kid on the path to being a Rennie early?  Get your little one a dragon.  Made of felt, your baby can curl up with a dragon of their very own.  This is sure to make them a knight in good standing once they are old enough to hold a lance.  It will make them want the puffy shirt, for sure.

Go check out Wayfarer’s Whimsy’s website.  Browse through their collection of folk dolls.  Check out the options that they have available.  You will find yourself picturing some of these characters in places around your home.  You will think of that child in your life, or the child in your heart, playing with these toys and making a mental note to do your Christmas shopping early.  Wayfarer’s Whimsy is something a little different, bringing the tradition of handmade toys back into the limelight.