I went to my first faire in 2005. I am became addicted. Good addiction but an addiction just the same. I have found over the years that I really enjoy sharing this information, this passion with others. Family, friends, co-workers… really anyone that will listen. If they are sitting near me and I can work my passion into the conversation, I will.

content is kingTo that end, I built RenOutiftters.com. Now the site started long before 2010 but I count late 2010, early 2011 as its real birth. This is when I started working on it a lot. for the better part of a year, I wrote at least one new piece of information a day. Some were really quite good and some were merely place holders so that I didn’t miss that day of producing content. As a geek, I realize full well that on the internet, CONTENT IS KING.

That all being said, the basic mission statement listed below is still true:

  • Review fairs and festivals that we attend
  • Accept reviews from other attendees
  • Review the entertainment at Ren Fairs
  • Review the Vendors at Ren Fairs
  • Report other Rennie related info (expand on our basic geekery)


As of the reposting of this article – we are averaging better than 75,000 visitors a month. I hope you are enjoying this site. I would love to get more info from you, our readers, I would love to have you contribute – use the contact form is you would like to start writing for Renaissance Outfitters.