What is with the Ninjas?

Now, I am a pirate so my natural hatred of ninjas should not seem so unusual.  But this is not about the fact that I don’t like ninjas and in the great “Ninjas vs Pirates” argument I always fall on the side of the Pirates, because pirates always beat ninjas.  This is about the want of people to arrive at the Ren Faire in ninja garb.

Now, this is not to say that ninjas don’t look cool but… ninjas at a Renaissance Festival are just out of place, the are TOO anachronistic.  I have not found a Ren Faire yet that was set in feudalistic Japan, not saying that there might not be one, but I haven’t found it yet.  Being set somewhere between Medieval and Renaissance era Europe, the ninja is not only out of place but would have been chased from town as something evil or at best, treated as a loony.  So, a ninja showing up at the faire, dressed in the movie style garb of the ninja with the toed-shoes and all out of place but they are also wrong in the fact that those of us who are trying to represent something authentic would better tolerate the ninja if they chose to dress as a traditional ninja in modified Samurai garb.

But, most importantly, the ninja is just the wrong idea for a costume worthy of the Ren Faire.  No garb snarking here, just a blunt fact.  Whenever I see a ninja roaming the streets of the Ren Faire, I want to test the idea that ninjas are great warriors.  I want to ask them, politely, what they were thinking and who came with them and thought this was a good idea.  I would like to see the Vikings at the faire be able to work as bouncers and remove the ninjas.

So… I am proposing we form a new group:  Rennies United Against the Ninaja Invasion!  or RUANI.  This anti-ninja group will be tasked with grabbing ninjas when we see them at the faire and taking their costumes.  We will then give them a choice of wearing the garb we give them or roaming the faire in their undies the rest of the day.  If they are truly ninjas, then they can move invisibly and running around the faire naked will not be an issue.

RUANI Assemble!