Wooden Wonders

Hobbit Holes for Work or Play!

So I am browsing through the internet one day and low and behold I learn that I can get my very own Hobbit Hole.  And I don’t mean a replica to put on your desk or anything like that.  An honest to goodness Hobbit Hole.  And not only that, there are options to choose from, depending on what you want and need, and they come set it up for you.  If you are in the know, you know that I am talking about Wooden Wonders!

Check out some of their work:

Here is a list of the current offerings from Wooden Wonders (go to their website for more photos):

  • Chicken Coop – Yes, indeed a chicken coop.  If you are raising those yard birds, why not give them a nice place to leave.  Complete with round hinged door.  The Chicken coop also has all the ventilation and access areas that you need if you are raising just a few birds to a small flock.  Let them know how many birds you have or are going to have and they will help you with the rest.
  • Playhouse – Great for the kiddos.  If your kids are little Rennies-in-training and they dig the fantasy scene you can make their dreams come true and allow them a great place to play outside while they dream of leaving the Shire.
  • Shed – Everybody’s home needs a shed.  And if you are going to spend the money to make this type of improvement on your property, why not let it be something with flare.  The shed comes with a squared rear portion that allows you lots of room for your gardening and yard tools.  They even can supply double doors on the back so that you can park that riding lawn mower in out of the rain.
  • Cottage – Need an outdoor hangout?  This is the spot for you.  Tuck your Hobbit Hole into the woods, nestled under a stand of trees and enjoy the great outdoors in a cottage built for a few.  This is designed much like the shed option but the interior is finished.  Sit back in this design at twilight, light a pipe and sing a song of the Misty Mountains.
  • Sauna – This is my FAVORITE!  An outdoor sauna that Tolkien would have loved!  Imagine, walking to your own sauna, Hobbit shaped, climbing inside and getting a good sweat on, plus you have a unique piece of functional decoration in your back yard that will be the talk of the town.
Are you sold?  Give Wooden Wonders a call.  Drop by their website and check out their selection.  If you are looking at adding an outdoor building, why not make it something out of the ordinary?  Why not make your yard the talk of the neighborhood?  Why not go for the fantastical and the different?  Let Wooden Wonders put a Hobbit Hole in your outdoor home.